Quality And Durability

At AWB Enterprises, we take pride in manufacturing the highest quality Roller Shutter products as we only source the best components and highest quality Aluminium, Zinc Coated coils and extrusions from key international partners. All our Roller Shutters have superb paint finishes that withstand any type of climate, and we guarantee quality and consistency of the products.

With a wide range of high quality, made-to-measure roller shutters for both commercial and residential applications, We offer a wide choice of profile colors with superior paint finishes, All ideal for Sri Lankan climate. And we can fabricate according to any size requirements.


All roller shutters come with a 5 Year Warranty for the panel and 2 Years for the motor.

Sri Lanka Roller Shutter Cream Color

Aluminum Roller Shutters Sri Lanka
Window Roller Shutters

Features of AWB Roller Shutters

  • Durability due to high quality corrosion resistance materials.
  • Light weight hence easily controllable.
  • Dual mode operation using remote control or manually.
  • Requires lesser space and economical.
  • Different models and colors to choose from.
  • Guarantee of 5 years for the panel and 2 years for the motor.
  • Prompt after sales service at any time.

Available Models

  • Aluminium Shutters
  • Zinc Coated Shutters
  • Grill Shutters
  • See-Through Shutters
  • Color Bond Shutters
Roller Shutter Coil